Programming paradigm

All software starts with code. The main concern about code is that it is easy to write code that a computer can understand, but it is challenging to write code that humans can understand.

The complexity that comes together with code is always one of the primary concern, and a good programmer should deal with the complexity.

How to deal with it? Well, the general approach is to reduce complexity or follow a particular style to make the code more manageable.

You can imagine programming paradigms this way.

If software architecture is a house, programming paradigms will be…

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I‘ve been wondering what it is? What does ‘Great Architecture’ referring? How to know whether a project is ‘great’? What are the attributes and possible measurements?

Here are some of my thoughts after working in a handful of projects.

1. Rate of changes vs lines of code. The typical pattern in most of the projects I worked in — the bigger the project, the lesser the rate of change to production. In my assumption, lines of code don’t directly affect the rate of change in a project with ‘Great Architecture’.

2. Testing! Ask a random person to remove 20 lines…

Recently I came across a conversation about working in an environment that promotes blaming rather than innovation. Opposed of what’s themed as a fail-safe environment. This criticism reminds me of Simon Sinek ted talks “Why good leaders make you feel safe”.

So what constitutes to a fail-safe working environment? Is it about making a mistake without any obligations to bear any responsibility? Is it about making the wrong decision without getting any criticism? It makes me wonder about what exactly is it. Taking Simon example in the video, the pilot captain didn’t forseek his comrades because of environmental threats…

Big search engine providers like Google or Bing are always moving toward providing more benefits to their users. They want to be able to feed their users with data that are close to their intent. Hence, they always upgrade their crawlers to have better learning capabilities to understand each website sole purpose and meaning semantically.

As their crawler algorithm will always get smarter, we as the web developers should look into how to improve the real essence of our client website rather than trying to cheat the system. …

Jarebb Ng

Digital Cartographer

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